luxury door handles

Should one wear gloves when opening door handle?

luxury door handles

Handle with care is what they always like to say; when dealing with preciously rare and exotic and small creatures. Handle with care is what the most astute of housekeepers might venture to suggest when entering her domestic space. She might also wish for you to handle her luxury door handles with kid gloves when coming inside. That of course, would be putting housekeeping matters to the extreme. But then again.

You just never know these days. You want you and yours to be as safe as houses. Anyway, it might also be a convenient way to keep your luxury door handles from getting dirty and grubby. You also get to keep them shining a lot longer and not getting worn down too easily. But then again, this becomes a matter of inconvenience for the visitor or home’s occupant. Slipping on cotton gloves every time you want to go opening and closing doors?

We think not. And I kid you not. If the doors and its luxury handles form part of your commercial or office space, you could end up losing more customers or clients that way. See how quickly they get irritated. You would not be seeing them again, not by a long shot. But here too is where you need to be clever, and use your own discretion. You do not need to go about bugging people, even though it is your own precious property.

All it would take really is for you to utilise the most appropriate cleaning detergents for cleaning your door knockers and/or door handles. That way you also get to keep them lasting longer and not getting too worn. Speak to your sales consultant about this or do some further online research.