Supplies You Can Use In Your Garage

There are going to be many different tools and supplies that you can use in your garage. These are typically chemical in nature and will require the area to be well ventilated. When working in the garage here are some you will encounter.


One of the most common you will encounter are adhesives. When working with concrete bonding adhesive, you want to read the directions all the way through and wear protective clothing. You don’t want to get adhesive on your skin. If you do, you may need to go to the hospital.

Another type of adhesive is an epoxy.

concrete bonding adhesive

When working with an epoxy, ensure that everything you use it on is grounded or else you will be shocked by static electricity. Keep in mind that the resin and hardener typically should be at room temperature to ensure proper reaction when mixed together. If something is hot or freezing when exposed to an epoxy, you may have a failure. Some examples of epoxies include polyester resin and bisphenol-A hardener.

The last type of adhesive that is commonly used is super glue.  This will work on most any surface including plastic, metal or wood. It can be quite useful for many applications, but it is recommended to handle with gloves as it can cause skin irritation.

The way you apply any adhesive is by using a glue gun or a brush applicator.  You will follow the directions on each bottle or can of adhesive but typically it involves mixing both parts together and then applying evenly to whatever you want bonded together.  In most cases, you will have a small window of time to get the adhesive applied before it starts curing.  If you are too late, you could lose part or all of what you were trying to save.